A New Day is the first episode of the fifth season. It is the fifty seventh of the series overall. It first aired on June 17, 2014 and drew 5.81 million viewers. It was written by Michael Sardo and directed by Michael Katleman.


A woman is stabbed to death while jogging in a park. The investigation is stepped up when an empty baby stroller, believed to have contained her baby, is found nearby. The baby's father, the woman's ex-husband, is questioned, but he was stuck in traffic with his new girlfriend at the time of death. However, a camera at a gas station shows otherwise for the girlfriend's alibi. She was not in the vehicle. The father is complicit, but he reveals the baby was taken to a church. Meanwhile, Frankie and Maura decide they are too much like family to pursue a relationship; Jane deals with morning sickness while unsuccessfully trying to hide her pregnancy from her mother; and the team is called to a car accident that claimed the life of Detective Frost.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jordan Belfi as Ray Murphy
  • Erin Chambers as Caitlin McCarthy
  • David Kaufman as Dave Robbins
  • Jush Allen as Boston Joe's Barista
  • Jaime Collaco as Officer Garcia
  • Joy Darash as Susan Murphy
  • Kandis Fay as Julia
  • Dominic Hoffman as Priest Curtis
  • Brent King as Peter Bucks
  • Karen Landry as Terri
  • Jeff Marlow as Larry Gatsby
  • Fred Ochs as Homeless Man
  • Gary Sievers as Homeless Man
  • Jabari Simba as Officer Jenkins
  • Gordon Vasquez as Park Maintainence Worker



  • It has been revealed that Barry Frost has been killed in a car accident. The idea of killing Frost off was the result of the suicide of his actor, Lee Thompson Young, on August 19, 2013.



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