Bassholes is the second episode of the sixth season.


Jane and Maura find themselves submerged in the cutthroat, high-stakes world of competitive bass fishing when a tournament-leading fisherman is killed. At the same time, Frankie is paying the price after losing a bet.


Main Cast

Guest cast

  • Adam Sinclair as Kent Drake
  • Lochlyn Munro as Skeet Martin
  • Abby Brammell as Linda Hendrickson
  • Austin Highsmith as Carla Harris
  • Gary Hudson as Jay Butler
  • Dave Power as Cliff Davis
  • John Rushing as Boyd Jones
  • Aaron Pont as Mark Harris
  • Jaime Collaco as Officer Garcia
  • Amaris Davidson as Debbie
  • Chase Kim as Det. James Ward


Jane Rizzoli: [walks in] I'm starving!
Maura Isles: Good Morning. What are you looking for?
Jane Rizzoli: A piece of bread or a muffin. In your world: a croissant
Maura Isles: Carbs
Jane Rizzoli: Yes!
Maura Isles: Empty calories

Jane Rizzoli: [arriving at the crime scene, seeing Korsak and Frankie quarrel] What's up?
Vince Korsak: Frankie lost a bet, and I get to pick his punishment. But you're probably talking about the crime scene, don't you?

Maura Isles: [investigating the victim] Huh?
Jane Rizzoli: What is it?
Maura Isles: This blood pooling! Something's not right
Jane Rizzoli: What are you thinking?
Maura Isles: I'm gonna have to investigate further
Vince Korsak: Surprise, surpise

Maura Isles: So, do you want the bad news or... the bad news?
Jane Rizzoli: Hmm, you pick

Jane Rizzoli: How long were you two together?
Linda Hendrickson: Not long, I broke it off. Mark wasn't my kind a guy
Vince Korsak: I... I got to say: I'm surprised he was your kind of guy, even for a little while
Linda Hendrickson: It's tough for me to meet men
Jane Rizzoli: You're surrounded by men!
Linda Hendrickson: So are you! Does that make it easier?

Jane Rizzoli: [enters the lab] You rang?
Maura Isles: Yes. There's something very interesting about the big fish that was found in Mark's live well when he died
Jane Rizzoli: Is that the fish that kept swimming toward me? The cute one?
Maura Isles: Yes!
Jane Rizzoli: You killed him! 'cause you were jealous!
Maura Isles: Well, he was sick. That's why he kept swimming around repetitively and banging into the glass
Jane Rizzoli: Sick of love!
Maura Isles: Uh! Well, I cured him!

Jane Rizzoli: [in a row boat, Jane is doing the rowing] Did you know that because of all the pollution the bass are changing sexes, with the male carrying the eggs?
Jane Rizzoli: [not very surprised] Well, it's about time!
Jane Rizzoli: You did not know that!
Maura Isles: Yes, I did. I read it in a science journal. You?
Jane Rizzoli: Remember that book Skeet gave me? Interesting
Maura Isles: Skeet?
Jane Rizzoli: The book!

Kent Drake: [back on the lake, on a motor boat] If Jane asks: you rowed!
Kent Drake: You two have a unique relationship, don't you? I'm still trying to figure it out
Maura Isles: Me too!

Maura Isles: [after an unclear answer] I can never tell when you are joking
Kent Drake: I know!

Jane Rizzoli: Well, someone is lying!
Vince Korsak: Carla?
Jane Rizzoli: No, everybody else



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