Brenda Thomas is the murder victim in In Over Your Head.

Brenda was walking down the street. She gets a text from her friend asking where she was. Brenda said that she had to study. She then looks over to the side to see two people standing in the parking garage. She walks behind a tree to get a closer look. She sees one hand a envelope full of money to the other. They then separate. She tries to talk to the one that took the money. She walks over to him.

The man takes her to a warehouse and shoves her head in a water basin full of water. He pulls her head up. She starts to beg for him to stop claiming that she is alone and that it is only her. They ignore her and shove her head back under the water. She continues struggling. The man then pulls her head back up. She continues to beg saying she swears to him she is alone. He shoves her head back under the water. She continues struggling and starts to gurgle on the water. They bring her head up again and she quickly starts screaming. The man shoves her head back under. This time holding her under. She struggles, her legs flailing behind her. Her arms splashing against the water. The man continues to hold her under the water. Brenda's leg stop moving and dangle in the air. Her arms float at the top of the water. The man drowned her. The man leaves her head under the water and walks away.

Her body is found hours later face down on the beach. It was determined there that this was only the drop site and the murder happened somewhere else. At the lab she was examined and they found fresh water in her lungs not salt water telling them she was not drowned in the ocean.

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