Built for Speed is the tenth episode of the fourth season, and 50th episode overall, of the series, Rizzoli & Isles.


The squad investigates when an amateur drag race turns deadly; Jane turns to Lt. Martinez for help and he seems to be thwarting her investigation.


***This section contains SPOILERS. Read ahead at your own risk.*** Click here to skip to credits.

Alberto Santana dies when his street racer explodes during a race after he turns on the car's nitrous oxide. Giovanni Gilberti uses his phone to record the events. Also the video from memory card of the car's camera was restored. Upon review of these videos, the team spots Detective Martinez in the crowd. Maura and B.T. Cerrone, a bomb technician, realize the nitrous had been swapped out for propane and find a detonator. To complicate matters, the team learns that the other car from the race was used in drug running. Jane fears their investigation will be impeded by the drug case. Martinez introduces them to the other driver, Detective Miguel Ortiz, an undercover cop being used as a drug runner. They were investigating the race organizer, Jorge Vega, for dealing meth. Martinez just couldn't pin down the person responsible for the customers. Alberto had found a hidden compartment in one of the cars, figured out it was being used as a drug transport, and reported it to his parole officer, Elizabeth Keating. However, Keating was the one who was bringing in the customers and, ultimately, the one who remotely triggered the explosion that killed Alberto.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Eric Winter as B.T. / Brandon Thomas Sarron
  • Matthew Del Negro as Giovanni Gilberti
  • Amaury Nolasco as Lt. Detective Rafael Martinez
  • Emily Swallow as Elizabeth Keating
  • Gina Rodriguez as Lourdes Santana
  • Rene Rivera as Pablo Rodriguez
  • Gabriel Salvador as Jorge Vega
  • Michael Galante as Alberto Santana
  • Celestin Cornielle as Detective Miguel Ortiz
  • Jonah Wharton as Jimmie Washington
  • Allen Benatar as Boston PD
  • Roshawn Franklin as CSRU Tech





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