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Charles Hoyt
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Stabbed in the chest by Jane Rizzoli
Alias: The Surgeon
Occupation: Serial Killer
Gender: Male
Portrayed by: Michael Massee
First appearance: See One. Do One. Teach One
Latest appearance: Remember Me
Appearance Count: 3

Charles Hoyt is the infamous killer known as the Surgeon.



Charles went to Emory University's Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. One of his professors was Dr. Wilson. He is later kicked out after he was caught fondling a corpse.

The Surgeon's M.O.Edit

In the series, the Surgeon would stalk and torture his victims. Then, using his vast medical knowledge, he would kill them with his scalpel. He generally selected couples, so as to instill a lot of fear in his victims. First tasers his victims behind the right ear and binds them with duct tape, he places a teacup on the knee of his male victims to alert him if he tries to move. He then proceeds to rape his female victim while the husband watches and then kills him while taking the female victim to a secondary location. After awhile he kills the female victim as well and buries the body.

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

In "Remember Me", it is revealed that Hoyt is dying of pancreatic cancer.


Known VictimsEdit

  • The Wilson Family
    • Unnamed father
    • Unnamed mother
    • Unnamed son
    • Unnamed daughter
  • Three unnamed couples
  • James Stern
  • The Ghents
    • Alexander Ghent
    • Karenna Ghent- (Attempted)
  • Jane Rizzoli- (Repeatedly attempted to kill)
  • Three unnamed nurses (Assaulted only)
  • The Gants (Killed together with John Stark)
    • John Gant
    • Corina Gant
  • Maura Isles- (Attempted)

Victims by ProxyEdit

  • Three unnamed citizens- (Killed by John Stark during his time in Afghanistan).
  • The Yeagers (Killed by John Stark)
  • Frankie Rizzoli Jr.- (Held hostage by Emily Stern)
  • Graham Randall - (Killed by Rod Mason)

Known AccomplicesEdit

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