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Dance with the Devil is the fifth episode of the fourth season, and 45th episode overall, of the series, Rizzoli & Isles.


On the first day of Paddy's murder trial, Maura gains insight into her father from Hope. Korsak opens up about Cavanaugh's tragic past. And in an unexpected twist, Maura must decide which side she's on when she and Jane unravel a shocking secret about Paddy and Hope that affects them all.


***This section contains SPOILERS. Read ahead at your own risk.*** Click here to skip to credits.

In 1993, Paddy Doyle was responsible for the death of Lt. Cavanaugh's wife and child. Arson Detective Calvin Ghetts, who died recently, has been connected to Doyle, causing the court to consider letting him out on bond. Frost, Maura and Jane find photos in the exhaust pipe of a confiscated vehicle, which leads Maura to talk to Hope as the photos connect her to Doyle. She had helped bandage Doyle after he set Cavanaugh's apartment on fire. Hope must now testify in court. Maura, Korsak, and Jane go there and learn Cavanaugh is preparing to kill Doyle in the bathroom. Maura talks him out of it by saying Hope will testify against Doyle.


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