Dania Grescoe is a teenager who Rondo brings to BPD to be mentored.

Dania insisted on seeing an autopsy as it could fetch her some extra credits. She is emancipated as her mother is dead and her dad is in prison. Jane agrees to take her to the autopsy. Dania is really good with her biology. 

A false fire alarm goes off and Frankie thinks that this is one of the kids’ doing. Angela tells Frankie that someone stole her wallet. They then interrogate the teens and they deny stealing the wallet. Frankie then checks their hands for UV dye residue from the fire alarm and Trevor has it. He says that he did not steal any wallet. 

The next day, Rondo arrives with Angela’s wallet. He says that the kids found it at the dumpster. Jane thinks that Trevor did it and Dania says that she did it and Trevor was covering for her. She stole 100 bucks for a textbook as she did not want her teacher to know that she lived in teen shelter.

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