Danielle Davis was a college student at Boston Cambridge University before she was killed by her pimp and resident advisor.

She had always dreamed of going to BCU. When she was 15, her mother died and her father began worrying about their financial status, worried that she might not be able to send her to the university. Because of her straight A's and her skill in soccer, she was granted a full scholarship. Here, she became best friends with a girl named Natalie, and got into a relationship with a pre-law sophomore, Brandon Lewis, who she calls "B-Bear".

A month prior to her death, she gets injured. Her ankle is sprained and a major, particularly the anterior-inferior tibiofibular syndesmotic, ligament was ruptured and needed surgery, which she couldn't afford and was apparently missed by her doctors. Because of her injury, she was unable to play soccer for a long time and was taken off the university's soccer team, so her scholarship was pulled.

Desperate, her RA, Lucas Bilton, suggested that she become a prostitute. With his help and position as a pimp, she hooked her and her friend, Natalie, with clients. Eventually, they began being able to pay for their tuition fees, although both feel miserable about their jobs. Around this time, Danielle broke up with her boyfriend, Brandon.

When they find her "client book" which is in the form of coded entries in her laptop calendar, they figure out that one of her clients was a professor Andrew Hilliard who Lucas had been blackmailing for money for over a year, threatening to expose his relationship with student prostitutes. Danielle later finds out and tells Lucas to stop, retaliating with her own threat of exposing him as a pimp. For this, Lucas kills both Danielle and Andrew, even setting up the professor as a suspect by leaving toupee evidence on Danielle's body, then making his death look like suicide driven by guilt for killing her, although he unfortunately leaves the professor's suicide hand clean.