Deadly Harvest is the third episode of the sixth season.


Jane and Maura are called out to the BCU "Body Farm" (an academic research facility dedicated to the study of human decomposition) when a murder victim is found buried in a shallow grave among the research corpses. Angela has secrets she is keeping buried from Jane.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tina Huang as Susie Chang
  • Vincent Ventresca as Dr. Carlson
  • Olivia Horton as Sarah Harrison
  • Daniel Beer as Jeffrey Tyler
  • Kristin Slaysman as Daniell
  • Vivian Kerr as Bonnie Leonard
  • Layla Alizada as Charlotte


Angela Rizzoli: I'm taking a class, eh, at night, eh, a cooking class
Jane Rizzoli: Oh what kind of cooking?
Angela Rizzoli: French
Maura Isles: My favorite, pot-au-feu, choucroute, steak frite
Angela Rizzoli: I know, I love it
Jane Rizzoli: You love it? You love French food?
Angela Rizzoli: Uhm hmm
Jane Rizzoli: What other kind of French food do you love?
Angela Rizzoli: Well, I like it all! French onion soup and French fries and French toast

Maura Isles: I love the body farm! Isn't it amazing?
Jane Rizzoli: Yeah, in a "Walking Dead" sort of way. Who things of with something like this?
Maura Isles: Well, the BCU just wanted a natural setting in order to study the decomposition of the dead bodies. I just wish it was here when I was at school
Vince Korsak: Why is she so chipper this morning?
Jane Rizzoli: What, are you kidding? This is like Disneyland to her
Vince Korsak: [laughs] Yeah, plenty of dead bodies to play with and none of the long lines

Maura Isles: From an academic perspective, Dr. Carlson is a highly respected forensic anthropologist
Jane Rizzoli: From people's perspective, he's a dick!

Jane Rizzoli: Okay, well, what is the wound consistent with?
Maura Isles: Suicide by hanging
Jane Rizzoli: Really? So, she hung herself and then drove her body over to the body farm and then tucked herself in under some garbage? I don't think that happened

Jane Rizzoli: You know what? You go sit in his chair and tell him you're not leaving until he gives you the list
Frankie Rizzoli Jr.: You got it
Nina Holiday: And I'll go wait in my chair for the list to show up
Jane Rizzoli: I will wait here in my chair for the list to show up
Vince Korsak: This is my chair and I'll defend it to the death

Jane Rizzoli: [while inspecting the apartment of a possible suspect] What'd you say if we tear this place apart?
Vince Korsak: I thought you'd never ask!


Deadly Harvest - Thelma & Louise01:44

Deadly Harvest - Thelma & Louise

Deadly Harvest - Evening Plans01:29

Deadly Harvest - Evening Plans

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