This article is about the Francesco Rizzoli, Sr.. You may be looking for his son, Francesco Rizzoli, Jr., who his friends refer to as Frankie Rizzoli.

  Francesco "Frank" Rizzoli, Sr. is the father of Jane, Frankie and Tommy. He runs the family plumbing business, Rizzoli & Sons.

Season One

Frank appears once or twice in season one. He appears in 1.7 Born to Run cheering on Jane when she runs in the Boston marathon with Maura, but a runner gets shot down.

Season Two

Frank never makes an appearance in the second season. He is, however, mentioned often.

During Jane's recovery from her and Frankie Jr.'s shooting, Frank's fighting with Angela, his wife, had gotten worse. Other than that, they have been having serious financial problems as his business is failing and they have been living off a second mortgage. When they found out that they are losing their house, they put it on sale. In "We Don't Need Another Hero", he doesn't attend the event honoring Jane as a hero because he and Angela had a big fight and he told her that he wanted a divorce, so Angela told Frank not to attend, else she might kill him. Angela opens up and cries to her children about this.

He is also often discussed by Jane, Frankie and Maura, since he hasn't been in contact with his children much, and Frankie thinks that their father has a girlfriend in Florida.

Season Three

A year after leaving Angela, Frank returns in "Dirty Little Secret". He later reveals to an impatient Jane that he is getting married to Lydia, a girl Tommy introduced to him during one of their secret meetings in Boston, and that he was going to ask Angela for an annulment. He later goes to the Boston Police Department's Division One Cafe to let Angela sign the annulment papers, and he and Angela get into a very heated argument. Angela refuses to sign the papers because it would make their children illegitimate.

Season Four

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