I Kissed a Girl is the sixth episode of the first season. It first aired on August 16, 2010 and drew 6.49 million viewers. It was written by Alison Cross and directed by Michael Zinberg.


Jane looks at love from both sides when she goes undercover to solve a lesbian killing and dates a handsome guy in her yoga class.


Jane and Maura investigate the murder of a married two-timing lesbian outside of a lesbian bar which looks like a hate crime at first but soon gets more complicated, forcing Jane to go undercover as a lesbian to catch the killer since she bears a physical resemblance to the victim. Maura fixes Jane up with a sexy bachelor from their yoga class.


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Detective Barry Frost: [to Maura] You got her to do yoga?
Detective Jane Rizzoli: [sarcastically] No, it was my idea. I love yoga.
Maura Isles: We had to leave before Ardha Chandrasana. I feel very unbalanced.

Jorge: You're like a race car. Finely tuned. Beautiful.
Jorge: Fast.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Not that fast.

Maura Isles: Come on, Jane, Jorge's a catch.
Detective Vince Korsak: If you don't want him, can I have him?
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Jorge? Yeah, he's all yours. Maybe if I get fat, he'll stop calling.
Maura Isles: I just think if you allow him to see all sides of you, then he'll stop calling.
Maura Isles: You know what, I just heard what that sounded like, and that is, what I meant to say was that human beings have good and bad traits, you know, and you have, you know, some characteristics that are a little not as, um, wow, fudge clusters!

Detective Jane Rizzoli: Maybe I should be a lesbian.
Maura Isles: Aww, well wishes can come true. Frost and Korsak wanted to fill out your dating profile. I typed!
Detective Jane Rizzoli: You what?
Maura Isles: If it wasn't for me, you'd be butch.

Detective Jane Rizzoli: Maura, we all love the fact that you dress like you're about to strut down a Paris runway. It's, it's... interesting.
Detective Barry Frost: It's endearing.
Detective Vince Korsak: Sexy.

Brock: [instructing his yoga class] And heels down.

Detective Jane Rizzoli: [They are back in yoga class] You better hope this calms me down.
Maura Isles: Well I could always tell him you like him.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Don't you dare.