Dr. Ian Faulkner is Maura Isles' Australian sexual partner who resides in Africa and comes and goes to Boston to indulge himself with quick stays with Maura.

He and Maura met while doing relief work in Ethiopia.

He appears in "My Own Worst Enemy" knocking on Maura's door, who was more than happy to welcome Ian. The next day, Angela walks in on them, and they pretend to be co-workers, although she instantly picks up on their relationship and she tells Jane about it. Jane is curious about him and somehow hurt that Maura is being so secretive and not confiding in her about him. He and Maura exchange coded text messages throughout the episode.

He later performs a procedure on Jane's ingrown toenail. When they first meet, Ian is unpacking boxes then closes them and hides them from sight when he sees Jane. Jane asks about it and Maura says that Ian is shipping some supplies back to Africa, and Jane later sees more of these when Maura receives supplies at her office.

Angela later pokes around and finds Ian's fake international passports. Jane later finds out that Ian is wanted for questioning by INTERPOL for stealing drugs. When Jane tells Maura, she is obviously not surprised and had known all along, and had even been helping him, that Ian had been sneaking drugs into Africa for his patients. She cries not over the fact that Jane found out that she was harboring and helping a fugitive, but over the fact that Ian had left for Africa again. She finally opens up to Jane about him, saying that he is the love of her life and she does not like talking about him since the thought of loving someone she can't be with makes her sad.