In Over Your Head is the second episode of the fourth season, and 42nd episode overall, of the series, Rizzoli & Isles.


While investigating the homicide of an overzealous journalism student, Jane is not happy when a former colleague returns to BPD as the new lieutenant of the drug unit. But the murder she’s investigating soon forces her to deal with him – and the event wrecked their relationship. Meanwhile, an alarming tip from Cailin causes Maura to investigate Hope.


An investigative journalism student is found dead on the beach. The cause of death is determined as a drowning, but her lungs contain freshwater and not the ocean's saltwater. The student had been investigating a drug ring at her university. Jane must grudgingly work with a former colleague, who is now a new drug-unit lieutenant, in order to solve the case. Elsewhere, Maura learns that her mother Hope received a sizable donation to open her charity clinic. The donor was Paddy Doyle. He is asked to give his statement about how he got the money, so the FBI will leave Hope alone, but he refuses.


Main Cast

Guest Cast



  • Detective Vince Korsak comments that Psi Beta Tau sorority girls, just like in his day, were "foxy, smart." Rizzoli points out that Korsak never attended college, and he replies "I went to a lot of toga parties." The actor who plays Korsak is Bruce McGill, who played Daniel Simpson Day ("D-Day") in Animal House (1978), which had one of the most famous toga party movie-scenes of all time.



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