Judge, Jury and Executioner is the eleventh episode of the fourth season, and 51st episode overall, of the series, Rizzoli & Isles.


A mock trial advisor dies during a competition; Jane is concerned that Angela may be hiding financial issues; Tommy hires a lawyer to settle his claim against the Storrow Center.


***This section contains SPOILERS. Read ahead at your own risk.*** Click here to skip to credits.

Judge Kathleen Harper collapses and dies at her daughter Ashley's mock trial presentation, despite fellow Judge Roger Thorson's attempt to revive her. Maura's initial examination reveals a paint smudge and a scratch on Harper's hand and a needle puncture on her neck. Her purse and its scattered contents are found in a nearby recently painted stairwell. The autopsy shows Harper died from toxic levels of Ritalin in her bloodstream, more than what she was taking for narcolepsy. It is discovered that Harper was investigating first-time criminals' sentences being extended at Starbridge Prison. The prison houses more-hardened criminals, not what the government is led to believe. After Harper had learned this, she was killed by Judge Thorson, who represents the prison. Meanwhile, unknown to Angela, her tax debt has been paid. Tommy received his settlement from the parking garage collapse and he pays off his mother's debt. Jane promises that she and Frankie will pay him their share.


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