Somebody's Watching Me is the sixth episode of the fourth season, and 46th episode overall, of the series, Rizzoli & Isles.


When a beleaguered Jane spills hot coffee on a stranger at Boston Joe's, a viral video of Jane’s bad day potentially jeopardizes her career and reputation. Meanwhile, the squad rushes to solve a puzzling murder case involving a conspiracy theorist.


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A sanitation worker is killed while dropping off items to an eccentric collector. The collector is a conspiracy theorist and constructed a makeshift EMP device that disabled adrone, that had flown to close to the neighborhood, subsequently knocking out the power. The worker was mistakenly killed by a man who worked for the drone's company because the collector had salvaged parts from the drone. Meanwhile, Jane accidentally spills hot coffee on a woman who sues her for damages. A video of the incident is posted online, but the team is able to prevent the lawsuit when the video shows the woman wore liquid-resistant clothing. The person videotaping the incident was a repairman that Jane had hired to fix her condo's plumbing. It was a plot to cause Jane to sell the condo to pay for the lawsuit, so that the woman and repairman could move in.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Colin Egglesfield as Tommy Rizzoli
  • Alan Rachins as Stanley
  • Kelly Rohrbach as Officer Charlotte "Charlie" Hansen
  • James Handy as Leroy Grovner
  • Will Traval as Jim Blackman
  • Christopher Darga as Mac Hazlet
  • Guilford Adams as Gilbert
  • Rebecca Corry as Claire Hanes
  • Andrea Bordeaux as Barista
  • Paxton the Dog as Jo Friday
  • Tiffany Giddens as BPD Officer
  • Randy Gordon as Jogger
  • Kevin Nichols as Process Server
  • Chris Schauble as TV Reporter
  • Carol Schlanger as Mrs. Billings
  • Harrison White as Daniel Raine




Rizzoli and Isles 4x06 Promo "Somebody's Watching Me" (HD)00:20

Rizzoli and Isles 4x06 Promo "Somebody's Watching Me" (HD)



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