Stanley is a grumpy old man that has been running the Boston Police Department's Division One Cafe since Sailor Man. He used to work at the post office and got the job at the cafe because he has a cousin at personnel. He needed staff since his first day at work, so he hires Angela Rizzoli and begins bossing her around after Frankie hooks her up to the job.

When a man dies at the cafe in "Class Action Satisfaction", Stanley panics and throws away the victim's food, fearing that it may have been poisoning from the served food. Later, rat poison, which killed the victim, was found in the kitchen, so they interrogate Stanley. When all evidence does not involve Stanley, Jane, who was very much looking forward to arresting him, is disappointed. Stanley later confesses to hiding the food, saying that the cafe is his life's work and that the cops were like family, in some way, to him. Jane and Korsak release him after getting him to agree to giving Angela a raise and treating her better.