We Don't Need Another Hero is the first episode of the second season. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall. It first aired on July 11, 2011 and drew 6.38 million viewers. It was written by Janet Tamaro and directed by Michael Zinberg.


In the season premiere, after taking a bullet during a siege at the precinct, Jane is honoured as a hero - until disaster strikes.


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The scene opens with Maura getting ready for Jane’s ceremony. Barry and Korsak get ready as well and Korsak is writing a speech. Maura knocks on a door and Jane answers the door. She tells that she looks horrible and so does her place. Jane tells that she is not going to the honor ceremony because she didn’t do anything honorable besides shoot herself to kill a bad guy. Maura tells that the ceremony is not just for her. It is for all who were there that day. She says that it has been three months and that it is time to get up. She tells that she isn’t going and Maura asks if she has had a bowel movement to which Jane tells that is inappropriate. Maura tells that they are going to do this the hard way then. Later at the event, a soldier named Private First Class Abby Sherman is honored for saving the life of three other soldiers. Jane is followed after her and is honored as a hero as well. She gets up and tells that Maura was the one who saved Frankie’s life and that she did what she was trained to do. She gets emotional and sits down. She looks back at her mother and sees that Frank is not there.

After the ceremony, Jane bumps into an old High School friend, Casey Jones, who is now Lieutenant Colonel in the army. She tells that she wants to talk to him, but she needs a moment. She goes up to Frankie and asks where Frank is. Angela comes over and Jane asks where Frank is. Angela gets overly emotional and writes down that they are getting a divorce. A reporter comes over and asks if he can interview Jane and Jane asks him to give her a minute. Jane goes up to Casey to find him talking to the soldier who got the award. She tells Jane that she enjoyed her speech and Jane says that she enjoyed her heroism. Abby asks Jane if she gets that same treatment that she is a girl and can’t do as much. She says that she does. Abby says that she is done and that she is finishing her tour. She leaves and Casey brings Jane water. Jane sees Maura on a date with the doctor who did her surgery, Byron. She pulls her to the side and asks why. Maura tells that he is nice and even good in bed. She tells Jane that sex will help her immune system. Jane thanks her and leaves with Casey. They walk out and Casey asks why they never hooked up. They get in the car and Abby gets in the car in front of them. The car explodes. Jane and Casey are unharmed and Maura runs to Jane’s side. Lt. Cavanaugh tells that Jane is not cleared for duty and tells Frankie to get her out of there. She tries to say that she can help, but Frankie takes her home.

Back at the apartment, Jane says that Abby was right in front of her. Jane tells that Frank left a message and Frankie tells Jane that Frank moved out today. They are divorcing because they are losing the house. Jane tells that she is going to sleep. Frankie leaves and Jane goes into work. However, Jane is not cleared to go in. Maura and Byron come in and tells that she is not cleared. Maura gets Jane inside as her visitor. Maura tells that Jane’s healing process has been slow and says that it could be her attitude. The officers bring in Abby’s body and right before Maura uncovers her body, Jane walks out. She asks what is wrong with her and why does it hurt so much. They talk about her Maura’s office and it is fancy. Jane asks what she does when Fear is killing her. Maura manages to get Jane upstairs and she looks at her desk. Cavanaugh comes in and asks her what she is doing. She begs that he let her work the case. He agrees to have her off the books. Korsak and Barry come in and welcome her. They start to think and Jane says that the men in Abby’s platoon didn’t respect her. A reporter says on TV that it may be a terrorist attack and Cavanaugh says that they need to look into military personnel. Jane tells them to get in touch with Casey on this too.

Jane talks to Casey and tells that they need to look into the fact that a solider could have done this too. Casey says that they will. Maura calls her over and says that she removed the bullet that was in Abby’s shoulder and Jane asks why the Medical Doctors would have left it in. Maura says that she will look into it. Jane and Korsak interview the three soldiers that Abby saved. Lt. Forman tells that Abby was tough. Korsak asks if there was any other things going on and Forman tells that Abby measured up and was a soldier that day. Later, Casey stays at Jane’s and Jane asks him if he picked up the bad attitude of the other soldiers toward Abby. He says that he didn’t. He says that Jane cares a lot. They kiss. The next day, Angela comes in to Jane’s room to find her in bed with Casey. Jane gets upset with her and she throws clothes at her. She goes out and asks how she is doing. Angela says that Frank left her with nothing. Jane tells that Angela can stay at her place, but Angela says that Maura already offered her guest house to her.

Jane goes over to Maura’s and asks if she is a masochist. Maura sees that Jane had sex because of the change in mood. She tells that it is none of her business. Byron comes out and thanks Maura for last night. Jane tells that she tried to get an appointment with Byron, but his receptionist told her that he was “too busy”. He says that it is true. Jane tells Maura that she wants to go over the details of the report with her. Maura asks Byron if Jane is healing slower than usual. Byron says that patients heal differently. Maura questions his findings and Byron’s true ego comes out. Maura says thanks to him for reminding her why she doesn’t date surgeons. They get to the office and Jane finds out that it is was a U.S. Army soldier’s bullet that was inside of Abby’s shoulder. Casey chalks it up as “friendly fire”. However, Maura says that the shooter was six feet away and Abby was facing her target. Maura points out that Abby told the doctors to not remove the bullet. Casey tells that he said that he would help her, but not like this.

Jane goes through files and says that she wants to talk to Gary, Abby’s old fling. Maura says that she is not released for duty and says that she is coming with her. They drive up to his house and suddenly, a car bomb goes off. Gary is unharmed. They take him to the station and Korsak asks if anyone knew about Abby getting shot. He says that it was Forman who shot her and that he told them not to tell. Barry gets in and tells that Forman purchased things for pipe bombs. That is enough for them and Korsak tells Jane that she has to stay there. Korsak tells that there will be a live feed. The team gets into place and back up quickly, the house explodes. They take his body out and Maura realizes that Forman was hit with an object before the explosion. She sees that Forman was wearing Abby’s dog tags. Meanwhile, Jane is meeting with Gary at his house. Jane realizes that Gary is the bomber and the one who shot Abby. Gary says that Lt. Forman was having an affair with Abby and he says that it is an offense. Jane talks to Gary and tells that he doesn’t have to do it. That evening, Jane reads the cards that are at her desk and Casey tells that he is going back. Jane says goodbye to him and Maura comes in and she tells that Casey is going back to Pakistan. Maura asks Jane to breathe in deep and she has no pain. Maura was right about her thinking that it was all psychological.


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Dr. Maura Isles: Quite simply, keeping your brain busy aids recovery. Mind. Body.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Mind. Business.
Dr. Maura Isles: You are my business.

Detective Jane Rizzoli: I'm not a hero, Maura. Shooting yourself is not heroic.
Dr. Maura Isles: The people of Boston think it is.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Eight people died. I don't want a medal for that.
Dr. Maura Isles: Five of them were bad guys, Jane.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: [softly] Whatever.

Sgt. Major Casey Jones: So how come we never finished what we started?
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Because you didn't give me the time of day until Senior Week.
Sgt. Major Casey Jones: [laughs] I was a jerk.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Well, you were just too cool for me. And smart.
Sgt. Major Casey Jones: Truth? You were too scary for me.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Gee thanks.
Sgt. Major Casey Jones: I looked cool, but I was like twelve in boy years. You were a force even then. Smart, beautiful. Didn't care what anybody thought of you.

Detective Jane Rizzoli: What about personal? Abby said the men in her platoon resented her.
Detective Vince Korsak: No way!
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Korsak, with all due respect, there weren't women serving when you were a Marine.
Detective Vince Korsak: Hey, I ever treat you any different from Frost, Rizzoli?
Detective Barry Frost: Well, yeah. You never brought me flowers.

Dr. Byron Sluckey: Are we questioning my opinion?
Dr. Maura Isles: Well there could be another component. The mind is powerful. She had a trauma.
Dr. Byron Sluckey: Um, you're merely a pathologist, and she had expert care from a renowned trauma surgeon.
Dr. Maura Isles: Are you talking about yourself in the third person?
Dr. Byron Sluckey: Are we angry?
Dr. Maura Isles: We are. Thank you, for reminding me why I don't date surgeons.

Detective Jane Rizzoli: [singsong] Doctor Isles guessed, Doctor Isles guessed.
Dr. Maura Isles: Did not.
Dr. Maura Isles: I did not.
Detective Jane Rizzoli: Did too.